Add-on NEC500 Class I, II, III DIV 1

The wired remote loudspeaker microphone is specially designed for PTT applications and has NEC500 Class I Div 2 (North America) approval. With its robust but lightweight housing and the secure ISM interface, this device is an ideal addition to our mobile devices IS330.2 and IS530.2. The dynamic loudspeaker is specially designed for noisy environmental conditions.

IS-RSMG2.2 Datasheet

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  • Particularly tough, lightweight housin
  • Universal, 13-pin ISM (multifunctional) interface for connecting additional devices for a wide range of applications
  • Dynamic loudspeaker for noisy work environments


Dimensions Size: 98,0 x 66,0 x 27,0 mm
Weight: 214,3 g
Amplified loudspeaker 93 dBm


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